Election Results Have the Media Buzzing

As usual, the news media and left wingers try to demonize those who disagree with them. Character assassinations are always popular when you do not know what else to say or do, so try to discredit the opposition. It has already started with the first elections and primaries this month.  The media is trying to discredit the Tea Party, but they miss the point. The core issue is being ignored in this election season, and as long as that is the case, Dems and Repubs alike will continue to get tossed out of office. The “opposition” is not a Democrat, a Republican or a Tea Party member. The opposition, or the “dirty word” when running for office this year and in the immediate future is  “incumbency”, regardless of right, left or centrist position.

You could call the Tea Party by any name, be conservative or liberal, and they would be winning elections only because there are tens of millions of voters WHO ARE FED UP WITH D.C. and will vote for anyone who has no political history. We NEED a clean sweep…people are crying for a clean sweep. We have NO CONFIDENCE in DC for leadership, for competency or for making decisions that SERVE the people of this country. We KNOW that politicians have sold out OUR COUNTRY’S FUTURE for the purpose of pushing their own idealogy or enhancing their power/wealth, and “the public be damned”. Time for a change…and the change is already happening. Only this time, “change” will not be  political rhetoric or a campaign slogan. It will be a mantra for voters, with real results, not empty words. The American people are much smarter than Washingtonian bureaucrats give us credit for, and we already see the results of not ours, but our elected leaders stupidity. Just keep demonizing everyone and you’ll all be packing up and moving further and further away from the Potomac.


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