Of Course People Are Angry!

It is flabbergasting to watch the reaction of elected officials regarding the anger of the general public against them right now. Are they that naive and removed from reality in the cushion of the beltway? Why is the public angry? Why do people hate you Mr Senator and Ms Congresswoman?

Let me list the ways…

1. You live in bubbles while people across this country are losing their jobs, having their wages frozen or reduced.

2. Wages are stagnant, but food, gas, healthcare costs continue to rise.

3. Day after day, we see OUR money being used to line YOUR pockets. Corruption in US Government is so out of control that it is sickening.
This reason alone is enough to incite riots and anarchy – don’t you see that people will only take so much before they “push back at you?”
Both Democrats and Republicans have severe and real credibility issues with the people.

4. Many feel deceived by Obama – the only “change” has been the party in office, and not the way business and politics is done in DC.

5. People are scared. Fear often leads to anger, as does ignorance. Why are they scared? Because the world and the country has some severe
problems and they have NO FAITH IN THE COMPETENCY OR INTEGRITY of our elected officials in DC.


A. A constitutional amendment for 8 yr term limits in ALL offices (both houses) , not just the President.
B. A constitutional amendment for a mandated BALANCED BUDGET EVERY YEAR.

7. Many people believe (and you prove them right every day) that you could care less about “serving the people” and could not even utter the words “servant leadership”. You only are in office to grab power, money, or satisfy your ego,  probably all three…


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  1. Pat says:

    It’s rather amazing to see the hypocrisy of Congress through its political parties whining about the loss of incumbents while they think nothing of Americans across the country losing their jobs.

    The double standard is made all the more relevant since the borrowing that goes to pay those salaries and pensions of Congress are paid for by taxpayers, not Congress.

    It is presumed that if the Executive Office and Congress was doing its job, America would not be in this mess, nor having to borrow heavily from overseas in order to provide such funding.

    That the bulk of it goes to Congress and pet projects is no small concern, and the idea of handups vs handouts seems long gone, corporate self indulgence being the key to successes.

    If getting rid of incumbents was a cure, they’d all be gone already, but that is obviously not the solution, so looking for other solutions makes sense.

    No-bid contracts doesn’t appear to be the problem either since, in practice, all of the firms receiving military spending appear to be the only ones capable of it, and have long been siphoning taxpayer dollars for that reason.

    Obviously, there must be a new entrance fee for whatever is disturbing the American economy, and the probability of looking to Congress and its processes, rules, and procedures appears to be the best method of uncovering the disease that afflicts both parties.

    While Wall Street may be blamed, the privileges of Wall Street and the banking and insurance industries are under control of Congress, just as labor and other industry is – so chances are the perpetrators must be Congressionally connected to make victims of all Americans – and that road leads to Congress as holding the keys.

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